Life Insurance You Don't Have to Die to Use     

Our financial picture changes throughout life.  Young families may purchase Term Life Insurance to cover temporary needs such as a mortgage or a college education for our children.  Others may buy Universal Life coverage to provide permanent protection.  As we get older, our kids grow up, mortgages get paid off and planning for retirement becomes a reality.

But one thing doesn't change--the need to protect your family from whatever the future may bring.
Quality of Life...Insurance, is life insurance you literally don't have to die to use.  Issued by American General Life, an A rated carrier with over $541 billion in total assets, QoL is designed with Living Benefits that provide the ability to turn your life insurance contract into an income stream designed to handle the unexpected.
Quality of Life...Insurance products include built-in, no-cost living benefits to help you maintain your quality of life during a chronic, critical or terminal illness. 
The Living Benefits/Accelerated Benefit Riders allow you to access a portion of your contractual death benefit (while living) guaranteeing a minimum benefit based on the issue age and policy duration at the time of the claim.  American General Life Insurance also provides an accelerated lifetime maximum benefit up to $2,000,000. 
Enjoy life knowing that you have planned ahead and are prepared for life's unexpected challenges.